Choosing toileting equipment

What are the different types of toilet support?

Having the right toilet support can be exceptionally beneficial in giving back a sense of independence and confidence to those who require a little extra stability when using the toilet.

There are a number of options which can assist in providing comfort and balance to the user whilst increasing their self-sufficiency, including:
Toilet frames
Raised toilet seats
Toilet seat with frame
Support rails

Why should you choose a toilet frame?

If you feel as though you need a bit more support when you're using the toilet, a frame may be the answer. Placing a frame around your toilet will:

Give you extra support when sitting on or getting up from the toilet by using the armrests provided on both sides
Help you feel more secure whilst sitting on the toilet as the armrests make it just like sitting on a chair
Prevent you ‘dropping’ onto the toilet seat, as you can lower yourself gently whilst holding onto the arms
Remember, toilet frames are height and width adjustable and you may need to order a frame for each toilet in your house if you use them all!

Why should you choose a raised toilet seat?
Toilets are usually very low - if you would like to make it easier to get on and off the toilet, a raised toilet seat could be the solution you’re looking for.

A raised toilet seat makes it:
Easier to get on without bumping or dropping onto the seat
Easier to get up without straining your back, hips or knees
More comfortable when sitting - particularity for your back and hips
The correct height for use following a hip or knee operation

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