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Walkers are a great way to stay active!

Strong and sturdy, the products in our range are easy to manoeuvre and can be changed into different foot configurations for your ease of use.

As a handy alternative to crutches or larger walkers, we also have knee walkers for those nursing a foot or ankle injury.

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How to use the site

Step one - find what you're looking for!

Browse through each category or use the search boxes at the top and bottom of the page to find your product.

Enquire using our contact form if you need more help.

You can see the products on display when you come into the store. 

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Assembly Info

Please be aware some of our products need to be assembled.

Photos of the products show how they look when they have been assembled.

We will show on the product information pages whether assembly is required on that particular product.

If you think you will have a problem assembling your product please come into the store, or contact us before you order so we can arrange assembly for you.

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